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Vol. 5  No. 1  -  January through March 2011

News about wine making and wine appreciation by our Deaf fellows and friends, news not about people

Editor: Rusty Wales, the vintner of Prince of Wales wines
Webmaster: Bobby Skedsmo, the creator of the Estate of Skedsmo wines

Wine Quotation:    "If the world gives you (sour) grapes, make wine!

Rusty Wales
Editor of Deaf Grapevine eNewsletters

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Editor Rusty’s Rap:   Super Tuscan

A few Deaf Grapevine readers asked me what the heck is “Super Tuscan” in my wine when its label won the honorable mention in the nationwide contest of the Wine Maker magazine. It is the blend of three noblest grapes in the world of wine, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sanvignon, and Merlot. Hence my wine is dubbed as the Three Deaf Musketeers, as though they are the three noble members like three noble grapes. Have you heard of Sangiovese? It is the grape varietal. You may have heard of Chianti. It is the region name, part of Tuscany area in Italy. If you make Sangiovese wine in Chianti region, then you can label this wine as Chianti. If you make Sangiovese wine outside of Chianti region, then you cannot label it as Chianti, but you can label it as “Sangiovese” wine.

The Three Deaf Musketeers

Wine Making:

Blend? See those wine bottles with just “Red” or “Red Wine” or other unheard name on the labels at your favorite wine store? Exactly how is it made? A video is created rather than being into too verbose writing a paragraph or two. Go to:

Fun Fact:

One bottle of wine contains 2.8 pounds of grapes. That means every bottle contains roughly 630 grapes. Imagine how much grapes winemakers have to crush into wine!

Laughter of the Day:

It is all humor, although it is factual.  Medicine Cabinet

News in the Deaf Community:

The deaf-owned catering company, Arouse Your Palate, is planning a wine and dinner event in Austin, Texas and the tentative date is Sunday April 17, the day after DeafNation Expo. The show given by this catering company has been very successful and it drew rave reviews. I may be a guest at this special event on April 17 and so it will be very exciting for me! In case you are interested, you may wish to check its web site:

SIGNews, February 2011 (Vol. 9, Issue 2 and, features the article on Rusty receiving wine label national recognition. In this article the editor made one small error which is equal to a BIG one. In spite of what the caption says, I do not have a vineyard! It would be nice to own one but I only have three Pinot Noir plants that yields only one gallon of pressed juice. Enough to make only 4 750-ml bottles! At least an acre of grapevines may constitute a vineyard and it will yield about 800 gallons of wine. Most of my wine productions in the past came from someone else’s vineyard and kit pressed juice. The kit pressed juice yields 6 gallons, enough for two cases or little more (24 to 30 bottles). This Super Tuscan wine came from the kit juice that was pressed in Tuscany. That has helped me as wine maker less work, no need to press grapes or major clean up!

Wine Juice Kit

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Have you ever made wine?  If so, please fill out at the following link:  Winemaking Records

Current List of Winemakers' Records


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